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The ClickLearn Recorder

The ClickLearn recorder understands your actions within your applications and transforms the actions to perfect documentation. It allows for cross application recordings beginning in IFS, moving to a web application and finishing up in Excel. ClickLearn correctly captures your behaviour and creates crisp work instructions for your users.

IFS Cloud Recording

Producing your content has never been easier

Hit the produce button and ClickLearn will generate:

Written Instructions

Create uniformly designed instruction to present to the end user.

Video walk throughs

Including completely automated voice-overs and effects to enhance the training experience.

Training simulators

Let your staff train themselves and build confidence within the work instructions before performing them in your live environment.

Virtual Assistant™

Easily guide your users directly within the live system, telling them exactly where to navigate to, where to click, what to input and what options to select.


A complete e-learning portal

Tie your content together with the ClickLearn Learning Portal, creating a space where users—no matter what roles they play in your business—can easily find and study the work instructions associated with their tasks. ClickLearn integrates with any existing learning management system based on SCORM.

IFS Cloud Portal 1

Complete application coverage

ClickLearn supports all IFS technologies from IFS Cloud to older IFS Apps and of course all of your surrounding business applications; from Microsoft Office to your suite of internal/external websites or windows applications. ClickLearn even comes with a feature that converts your recordings from previous versions of IFS to newer version; simply with a click of the mouse.

Ifs Apps

ClickLearn assists you in updating your documentation

ClickLearn is capable of automatically updating your documentation and training materials when changes are made to your business systems. The ClickLearn Click-and-Continue™ technology allows you to make changes to your recordings as it is being played back on your live system.


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Virtual Assistant™ – your live guide within the IFS platform

The user simply selects the work instruction that they need to perform and ClickLearn will, working on top of the live system, guide the user through the process. This assistance is created from the same recording that was used when making the work instruction. The assistance is context sensitive and automatically detects where in the work instructions, the user is currently placed and assists from that point on.

IFS Cloud Assistant 1

Using your corporate identity

The look and feel of your documentation, video material and simulations may be customized using the template system of ClickLearn. This ensures that your documentation and training materials are always presented in the style of your corporate identity