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The Oracle UPK Alternative

Oracle announced in January, 2018, that support for Oracle User Productivity Kit (UPK) will be coming to an end. This has left many UPK users wondering how they are going to produce their learning materials, simply and efficiently in the future. Fortunately, ClickLearn not only has a solution to this problem but can offer a better solution to creating and maintaining your work instructions.

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Record your work instructions

ClickLearn is an intelligent recording and documentation system that enables you to record a work instruction within your business applications.

Written instructions

Create uniformly designed instruction to present to the end user.

Video walk throughs

Including completely automated voice-overs and effects to enhance the training experience.

Training simulators

Let your staff train themselves and build confidence within the work instructions before performing them in your live environment.

Virtual Assistant™

Easily guide your users directly within the live system, telling them exactly where to navigate to, where to click, what to input and what options to select.


A complete e-learning portal

ClickLearn collects all the content in a beautiful e-learning portal, creating a space where users, no matter what roles they play in your business, can easily find and study the work instructions associated with their tasks. ClickLearn integrates with any existing learning management system based on SCORM.


ClickLearn is easy to install

ClickLearn for Oracle is your ‘out of the box’ solution to solving your system training headaches. We guarantee you’ll be producing work instructions in moments, not hours. See for yourself, get in contact today for a no-obligation demonstration or trial.