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Trial User Engagement

Simple engagement

Seven formats to engage your users and offer learning that suits any learning style and situation.

Trial Easy Recording

Easy recording

Just click through your business-critical processes and ClickLearn transforms your clicks into clear instructions with perfectly cropped screenshots. 

Trial Learining Portal

Custom learning portal

When you’re done recording, a single click produces a full learning portal, complete with all 7 formats.


Powerful editing

It’s easy to edit your instructions or add additional information after you’ve recorded them.

Powerful Editing

Auto-translate into +45 languages

Support and empower your global employees with training and documentation in their native language. 


Organize your content for improved user experiences

Restructuring your content to reflect different user scenarios is as simple as drag-and-drop.

Structured Content

Automatically update when your ERP system changes

Just click the replay button and ClickLearn does the work for you: all work instructions and screenshots are updated to match the new version.


World class 24x7 support

Help when and where you need it. Our customer care team is standing by to assist you. 

World class 24x7 support

Our support team are online around the clock. So wherever you are in the world, you receive the very best support, whatever your issue.

Training and consultancy

Guided fundamentals training, searchable work instructions, live webinars and videos, and unlimited Q&A sessions – we’ll ensure that you and your team are solidly on the road to creating great content.

Dedicated Customer Success Manager

As a ClickLearn customer, you are assigned a CSM to help you through the different stages of your roadmap.