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Here's how the plans compare

  Basic Essentials Professional Enterprise
Record, edit, replay instructions c-question

The fundamental proposition of ClickLearn is its ability to record actions directly from your business system, automatically converting them into crisp instructions, in a variety of learning friendly formats. The editor allows you to tailor your material to look and feel how you want. ClickLearn enables you to automatically recapture your instructions with its unique replay functionality, keeping them current – even after an upgrade to a newer version of your business system.

Recording across platforms c-question 1 Platform only 3 Platforms

You will have the ability to record across your multiple business systems and platforms throughout you application landscape.

Online Community & Academy c-question

24x7 access to advise and best practise from Authors around the world and the ClickLearn academy further improve you documentation skillset

Online service & support c-question

Unlimited Customer Assistance and Technical Support is included in your annual subscription.

7 Learning formats c-question Written formats

With a single recording you have already produced 3 video formats (Show Me, Try Me, and Test Me), 3 types of written documentation ( Word, PDF, Power Point), and a Virtual Assistant built directly into your system.

Unlimited number of processes c-question

There is no limit to the amount of documentation and training material you can create to support your business processes.

Learning & feedback Analytics c-question

Get access to the complete set of analytics delivered by ClickLearn, personalized down to each user in the system. Export the data or use our OData data-source to further investigate and drill down usage data in Microsoft Excel or your favourite Business Intelligence system.

50+ Laungages - Auto narration written and voice c-question Local language

The ClickLearn VoiceCloud™ is the feature, that allows you to instantly auto-narrate and provide subtitles in over 50 languages using high-quality voices. ClickLearn can speak your messages perfectly and align them with your walkthroughs.

Online assistant & in app guidence c-question  

Live guidence for Enduser inside your own business application and Live assistant if you should get stucked in one of your processes

Unlimited number of learning portals c-question  

Create role based learning portals to streamline information and ensure it gets to the correct person at the correct time.

Team collaboration & versioning c-question  

Have a large process? Authors can team up to work on a single recording and ensure the version matches the most recent version.

Single sign on c-question  

Single Sign On will enable you to use your existing authentication system for all of your Authors and end consumers of content when deploying your content.

Branching and procedure flows c-question    

Support your processes with decisions gate and multiple outcome in one recording

ClickLearn InsideHelp™ c-question    

Have your learning portal built directly into your system so users do not need to leave their current process to another page.

LMS integration & SCORM c-question      

Have a Learning Management System (LMS), you can export ClickLearn in a SCORM package to be added to you LMS.

Automated Process Testing c-question      

Need to test your processes before upgrading to a new version or accepting the latest version of a Dynamics product? Based on your recordings, ClickLearn allows you to use your business walkthroughs as the basis for creating an automated testing of all your key processes. It can be completely customized and parameterized to reach every outcome and scores are reported back in an easy-to-read and process format.