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  Essentials Professional Enterprise
Record, edit, replay instructions Click to show description

The fundamental proposition of ClickLearn is its ability to record actions directly from your business system, automatically converting them into crisp instructions, in a variety of learning friendly formats. The editor allows you to tailor your material to look and feel how you want. ClickLearn enables you to automatically recapture your instructions with its unique replay functionality, keeping them current – even after an upgrade to a newer version of your business system.

HTML, Word, PDF and PowerPoint Click to show description

ClickLearn allows you to publish your learning instructions in the most popular written formats, including perfectly cropped images, highlighting the relevant areas for your users – all completely automated in a way that makes sense for your end-users. All written material can be easily customized using the unique templating system inside of ClickLearn, branding your instructions with your corporate identity.

Number of instructions per Learning Portal / Number of steps per instruction Click to show description Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited

ClickLearn allows you to create an unlimited amount of work instructions for your learning portal. Each instruction can include as many steps as is needed for the process.

Number of Learning Portals Click to show description 2 Unlimited Unlimited

ClickLearn allows you to target and structure your content into learning portals. For each of your learning deployments, you will need a learning portal to host and serve that content for your end-users – available 24/7 - on all devices.

Embed learning inside your Business Platform Click to show description

Want to deploy your content directly inside your Dynamics business system. This feature allows you to do just that. With easy-to-use extensions for your business platform, you will have your content to all your users in minutes, where they need it the most- from inside the business system.

Learning Analytics Click to show description

This feature allows basic learning analytics. Discover how your users are utilizing the content you have deployed. What are the top-learning parts? How much time are they spending? What is most utilized type of material? Are there any comments on the instructions from your end users?

Walkthrough videos Click to show description

Watch as ClickLearn transforms your recording sessions into crisp videos, with perfect mouse movement and automatic narration using high-quality digital voices from all leading vendors. ClickLearn automatically creates visually compelling effects for the transitions in your work instructions.

Interactive Try Me videos Click to show description

Experiential learning. No problem. Using the same single recording source, this feature will automatically create a simulated environment for your users to learn in. Guiding the users through the steps they have to perform. And the best news: it is completely safe and isolated from your data and live environment.

Scoring enabled e-learning videos Click to show description  

This feature will enable you to test your users on knowledge adoption. You use the same single recording source as the foundation for setting up a simulated environment. Simply set up your completion rules and how you want to feedback to your users and watch as ClickLearn evaluates your users’ readiness in your key processes.

Auto-narration using ClickLearn VoiceCloud™ Click to show description Local Language 45+ Languages 45+ Languages

The ClickLearn VoiceCloud is the feature, that allows you to auto-narrate in 42 languages using high-quality voices. This will cut your video production cost to a level where producing video is not a concern in your training budget. No more expensive voice over production for your video material, ClickLearn will speak your messages perfectly and align them with your walkthroughs.

Team Collaboration and versioning Click to show description  

Working on a large project with multiple stakeholders – ClickLearn delivers a state of the art collaborative environment with multiple authors, check-in / check-out, automatic versioning and history of your important processes.

ClickLearn Assist™: Live on-screen guidance Click to show description  

Bring your instructions to live inside your business platform. ClickLearn Assist™ works on the same recording used to produce written and video materials and delivers a full on-screen guidance, that points to the areas where your users need to interact to complete the process. As your users progress in the process, so will the assistant.

Branching and procedure flows Click to show description  

Complex business scenarios with branching and decisions, that take the users through different processes? This can easily be accomplished using branching and procedure flows in ClickLearn, that will reflect across video, written materials and naturally inside the live assistant.

Advanced Learning Analytics (BI) Click to show description  

Get access to the complete set of analytics delivered by ClickLearn, personalized down to each user in the system. Export the data or use our OData data-source to further investigate and drill down usage data in Microsoft Excel or your favourite Business Intelligence system.

ClickLearn InsideHelp™ Click to show description    

Need to provide field, table, form-level documentation inside your business system. Use InsideHelp to deliver perfect instructions in multiple languages and automatically cross reference to all relevant process walkthroughs created in ClickLearn.

Enterprise Terms Dictionary Click to show description    

Create a custom enterprise naming convention for your business and allow ClickLearn to automatically produce materials according to your enterprise dictionary.

Publish to SCORM compliant platforms Click to show description    

Using this feature, you can deploy ClickLearn content to your Learning Management System. It produces SCORM compliant packages and reports test scores back to your LMS.

Automated Process Testing Click to show description    

Need to test your processes before upgrading to a new version or accepting a new version of a Dynamics product. This feature allows you to use your business walkthroughs as the basis for creating an automated testing of all your key processes. It can be completely customized and parameterized to reach every outcome and scores are reported back in an easy-to-read and process format.

Single sign-on Click to show description    

You want full identity for all your end consumers of content and you want to use your existing authentication system. This is the feature, that will enable you to use single-sign-on when deploying your content.