ClickLearn for SAP Business One

User adoption for a global market

Experience the future of training directly inside
your SAP Business One system

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Save time on training content

ClickLearn captures complicated work processes and automates the production of training material by writing the user instructions with screenshots for you.

Low maintenance on upgrades

Low maintenance on upgrades

Automatically update your training material including screenshots when changes are made to your business systems.

Localization for global expansion

Localization for global expansion

Localize your content into more than 45 languages with a single click

Key features

Digital Adoption and User Training in one solution



At the core of ClickLearn is its unique recording technology, that understands your actions within the underlying business system. ClickLearn has the only recording experience that enables you to both record a full process in one go as you go through your process.



ClickLearn delivers a single editing process for all your content, whether you are adding notes, annotated screenshots, or chapters to your recordings. If you make changes to the appearance of your templates, ClickLearn applies these changes across your entire project.



ClickLearn is the only onboarding solution that supports automated replay when your business system changes. This allows you to effectively align your learning materials to the current version of your business system, at the click of a button.



ClickLearn is designed to provide the most robust and easy-to-use publishing available. By default, your recorded content is deployed into a full eLearning portal with videos, written instructions, full search capabilities and built-in tracking.



Every single recording in ClickLearn is automatically converted into a virtual assistant that guides the user within the live system. The assistant works across applications and delivers a seamless experience for the end-user.


User adoption for a global market

Experience the future of training

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Close your eyes. Imagine for a minute what the ideal end-user training looks like for SAP Business One. Take a brief moment and imagine that no constraints are holding you back from carving the ultimate training- and onboarding experience for your clients.

We did that with the SAP Business One clients in mind – and we created the future of training software – maintainable with a minimal effort, automatically updatable as new releases of SAP Business One become available – delivering a whole e-learning experience with video, hands-on-labs, end-user tests and written documentation and of course – a virtual assistant, that guide the users within your live system.

ClickLearn Assist

No complexity or infrastructure required

Less than a day of implementation

In app assist

Performance support

Deliver on-screen guidance live inside your business systems, providing instant help to end-users without having to call the help desk or read through manuals.

Cross-system guidance

Cross-system guidance

User instructions are fully supported, from Microsoft Office to your suite of internal/external websites or windows applications.

More than just a speech bubble

True learning exists with the formats that supports your users' contexts


7 learning formats

Produce user instructions in multiple formats (Word, PDF, PowerPoint, interactive videos, ClickLearn Assist)

24/7 learning portal

24/7 elearning portal

Publish your work instructions as a full eLearning portal, target to your audiences and available 24/7 on all devices.

elearning Portal

Optimize your time to market

The future of training for your ISV product


User adoption for a global market

ClickLearn delivers a complete solution for your global presence. We support over 45 languages with 149 different voices narrating your videos. We combine high-quality digital voices with a unique templating system that ensures a perfect, uniform instruction set for your end-users.

Using the built-in regionalization feature, you can rapidly transition your training services to a new language. And we have automated everything – from the translation of notes, chapters, and e-learning platforms, right down to voice selection and automatic replay on multi-language user interfaces – and everything is neatly maintained within a single source.

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World-class targeted self-serviced content

The evolution of Digital Adoption Solutions is the biggest gamechanger in training methodology since Socrates – driving performance support for your clients inside your application and allowing users to become highly productive in your solution should be your top agenda. We help you put it there.

ClickLearn is the only solution that allows you to automatically change your Digital Adoption Support as your solution or the complete Business One platform change. We provide you with a best-of-breed learning experience, which you can maintain and keep current with minimal effort. We support full audience targeting, metrics and a self-service platform delivered inside Business One.

Become a partner

We are extending our partner’s network in SAP Business One. Are you implementing SAP Business One and want a manageable alternative to EnableNow, designed for the Business One audience? Reach out for a conversation on how to become a ClickLearn Business OneTeam Partner.