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Service Providers 03 Dec, 2020, 11:00 - 12:00

Introducing 3 new ClickLearn editions for Microsoft ISVs (EST)

This year, we promised the Microsoft ISV community to work on a ClickLearn offering specifically targeted to them. The wait is over, and we are proud to introduce, not one, but three new ISV editions based on the latest product release ClickLearn Attain!

This year, we made three important transitions at ClickLearn: we turned our perpetual license model into a subscription-based model, we introduced a new Partner Program for reselling ClickLearn, and we launched ClickLearn Attain – a complete game-changer in user adoption with over 200 new features!

A whole new offering for ISVs

As part of the transition to a subscription-based model and reseller partner program, we had to let go of our Service Provider Edition, which meant that ISVs could no longer buy ClickLearn as their content creation platform for their products. We promised to come back at a later time with a new offering.

The wait is over for the Microsoft ISV Partner community

We have designed 3 new editions targeted to you as an ISV Partner. These are all based on our newest product release ClickLearn Attain and on a subscription model that lets you scale ClickLearn as you grow your business.

What can you expect in this webinar?

Bringing you up to date – we’re going to give you an overview of ClickLearn Attain and how you can use it to document and publish learning materials for your IP and ISV solutions.

The new editions for Microsoft ISVs – we’ll go through the details of the three new ISV editions of ClickLearn and also have a Q&A. With the ISV editions, you are also eligible to join our Partner Program, so we’ll go through how this fits with the ISV offering.

Don’t miss this great offer! As part of this launch, we have created a special, limited offer for purchases made in 2020. We will share the details of this great offer at the end of the session.




Hosted & presented by

Mark Olesen

Mark Olesen

Head of Sales & Partner Management, EMEA
Christine Eltz

Christine Eltz

Customer Success Manager

Key take-aways

  • See ClickLearn Attain in action
  • Value propositions for Microsoft ISVs
  • Detailed run-through of the three new ClickLearn Editions
  • Our Q4-2020 offer for ISVs