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Introductory 24 Feb, 2021, 09:00 - 10:00

Here’s how to automate training content for Dynamics 365 upgrades

Are you skeptical about upgrading to Dynamics 365 Business Central or Finance & Operations? Many companies are reluctant to upgrade because of fears about a negative impact on existing processes and worker productivity.

For an upgrade to be a success, including a happy and productive workforce, documentation and training must be an integral part of the process. With ClickLearn your team can automate the otherwise time-consuming, resource-heavy task of creating training materials and writing documentation. By making ClickLearn a central part of your training strategy, you can produce a full set of documentation while freeing up your resources for other tasks.

Join this webinar for tips on how ClickLearn helps you deliver a smooth ERP transition.

Hosted & presented by

Daniel Garcia

Daniel Garcia

VP of Strategic Alliances
Christine Eltz

Christine Eltz

Customer Success Manager

Key take-aways

  • You can record your processes to create a baseline on your current legacy system and ensure quality assurance of these processes in D365 BC or F&O.
  • You can use the Replay function to identify and address any issues before they arise.
  • You can record processes as you work through the implementation project for reuse as training in tandem with your roll-out
  • You can use the recordings in the communication of changes and process improvements