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ClickLearn for D365 26 Mar, 2021, 10:00 - 11:00

User Acceptance testing on steroids for Dynamics 365

The role of user acceptance testing between your implementation partner and you is a zero sum game; designed to place responsibilities, that will eventually end up with unhappy clients or unhappy partners.

ClickLearn offers the unique capability of recording and documenting your specific key work-processes allowing you to create clear understanding between you and your implementation partners on what needs to work and furthermore automate and repeat that test for each of your received deliveries. Now, imagine you can take those user acceptance recordings and turn them into training material for all your end users, ensuring 24/7 available, early-accessible training platforms for all your users. That is what has attracted so many enterprises towards ClickLearn. In this session Peter and Daniel will demonstrate:

Establishing a key process inventory with ClickLearn. Discover the 5 values of having all your key processes inside ClickLearn.

Updating your processes as your scope changes. See how ClickLearn can facilitate updating your key processes.

Automating the testing process. See how ClickLearn can easily help you automate the testing process between you and your implementation partner.

Preparing for implementation and training. Get ready to convert all your processes into crisp learning platforms for your targeted end-user audiences.

Hosted & presented by

Brian Ambrosius

Brian Ambrosius

Country Manager Australia/New Zealand
Christine Eltz

Christine Eltz

Customer Success Manager
Daniel Garcia

Daniel Garcia

VP of Strategic Alliances

Key take-aways

  • Establishing a key process inventory with ClickLearn
  • Updating your processes as your scope changes
  • Automating the testing process
  • Preparing for implementation and training