Sub-schedule 1.2 License Descriptions

Version 1 - March 2020

Other Versions
Version 4 - March 2022 - Current
Version 2 - December 2020
Version 3 - December 2020

The Subscription is dependent on the Services purchased by Customers. Following criteria will affect License and Fee.


License Scope


The editions incorporate different feature sets as specified from time to time on


Each platform consists of a subset of individual systems as specified from time to time on


are registered and named individuals which may be employees, affiliates or others associated with Customer and authorised by customer to create and generate Content via the Services as per the current Subscription.


the total number of unique individuals which may be an employee, affiliates or similar of the Customer who are authorised by Customer to use (consume) the Content created via the Services according to current Subscription.


Restriction on distribution of Content to third parties:

The Customer shall not commercially exploit, or otherwise make the Content available to third parties. Any third parties must purchase and maintain relevant subscriptions from Supplier. For the sake of clarify, Customer’s authorised Authors and End-Users are not considered third parties to customer.