Sub-Schedule 1.1: Service Level Agreement

Version 2 - August 2023

Previous Versions
Version 1 - March 2020

    1. Scope of Services
    Subject to section 5 of this SLA, the scope of services covered under this SLA includes:

    1. Reasonable onboarding and training services aligned with customer scope and objectives related to usage of the ClickLearn Services.
    2. Technical support for issues arising from the use of ClickLearn Services, including access to the ClickLearn cloud environment integrated into the ClickLearn Services.

    2. Service Availability
    2.1 ClickLearn Services Access and Functionality:
    ClickLearn strives to maintain a minimum uptime of 99.9% for the ClickLearn Services’ online functionality hosted on the ClickLearn cloud environment. Uptime is calculated on monthly basis.

    2.2 Uptime Calculation:
    Uptime is calculated by subtracting the total minutes of service unavailability due to scheduled maintenance and force majeure events from the total minutes in a month. ClickLearn cloud environment uptime is shared with Customer via

    2.3 Downtime Notification:
    In the event of planned maintenance or upgrades that may result in temporary unavailability, ClickLearn will provide advance notification to Customer through email to the Customer’s license contact, and on our community website at least one calendar week prior to the maintenance window.

    2.4 Force Majeure Events:
    ClickLearn shall not be held responsible for downtime caused by force majeure events, including but not limited to acts of nature, cyber-attack, war, government regulations, strikes, or disruptions caused by third party service providers.

    2.5 Downtime Remediation:
    In case ClickLearn Services experiences downtime exceeding 0.1% in any given month, ClickLearn will provide a detailed incident report to affected Customers. The report will outline the cause of downtime, steps taken for resolution, and measures to prevent recurrence.

    2.6 Data Integrity:
    During uptime, ClickLearn ensures data integrity and protection against data loss or corruption. Regular backups and data redundancy measures are implemented to mitigate data related risks.

    3. Customer Success and Support Channels
    3.1 ClickLearn will provide customer support during standard business hours (Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM CPH & EST). Critical issues impacting essential functionalities will be addressed on a priority basis.

    3.2 Customer can access customer success and support services through the following channels: Email: & online community website When necessary, Customer is invited to online meetings with support resources.

    3.3 Customer will have a designated Customer Success Manager (CSM), available on email, and bookable for Teams meetings. The CSM will provide guidance and assistance in reaching key customer objectives.

    4. Customer Responsibilities
    4.1 Customer agrees to provide accurate and detailed information regarding any issues or inquiries they encounter while using the ClickLearn Services. Timely cooperation in diagnosing and resolving issues is essential for effective support.

    5. Limitations
    5.1 This SLA does not cover issues caused by factors beyond ClickLearn's control, including but not limited to acts of nature, network related problems, or Customer's misuse of the ClickLearn Services.

    5.2 ClickLearn is not responsible for any customization, integration, or modifications made to the ClickLearn Services by Customer or third parties.

    6. Amendments and Updates
    6.1 This SLA may be updated by ClickLearn from time to time, and Customer will be notified of any substantial changes.