Sub-Schedule 1.1: Service Level Agreement

Version 1 - March 2020

Other Versions
Version 2 - August 2023 - Current

Customer obligations in relation to all Support

In order for Supplier to provide effective support the Customer must fulfil certain minimum responsibilities:

  1. Ticket Registration: register a Ticket in Suppliers help desk system with a detailed description of the problem including affected Service, troubleshooting already performed by customer, system log files, if relevant, configuration and log in details to allow Supplier remote access.
  2. Customer Assistance: Customer shall ensure that network or Internet access is provided; Supplier has necessary authorizations for remote access by Supplier to the User’s network, reasonably cooperating with Supplier support personnel in the diagnosis of a problem, ensuring that all Services are used and maintained in accordance with the applicable product System Documentation, and nomination of specified individuals to receive feedback and support from Supplier.

ClickLearn offers technical support within working hours (09:00 - 17:00 CET/CEST). Technical support can be reached at

ClickLearn offers remote technical support, including on-line resources and self-help community services, to subscribing customers and customers with active maintenance agreements. This does not incur any additional cost for the Customer. ClickLearn or the customer may opt to deliver the support as a remote support session using one of tools: Skype for Business, Teams, TeamViewer, Goto-meeting and other online remote support software.

Supplier strives to answer support request within same business day, and to resolve identified issues with the next business day.


Planned maintenance shall be carried out Saturday between 06.30 to 11.00 CET; Unscheduled maintenance can be performed outside Normal Business Hours, provided that the Supplier has used reasonable endeavors to give the Customer at least 24 Hours prior notice.

Unscheduled maintenance related to security and/ or any other urgent maintenance (severely affecting the performance of the system): Supplier shall be entitled to deploy any relevant updates, patches etc, relating to the Services without any notice.