Digital adoption for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Automate how you create documentation and training content for your Dynamics NAV solution.

Easy upgrades · Unlimited support · Automated localization


ClickLearn Inside Help

ClickLearn delivers a single solution for creating, maintaining and deploying your customized help-system for all Dynamics platforms including Dynamics 365. ClickLearn seamlessly incorporates your walk-throughs and e-learning content created with ClickLearn inside the Dynamics help systems.


Let's make it easy for you

With ClickLearn's digital adoption solution you’ve got all the tools that you need to effortlessly create and maintain your training and documentation content. 

A complete learning platform

Create documentation faster than ever by recording your processes—not writing them.


Automatically updating your documentation when changes are made to your business systems

Availability on all devices

Create a learning portal ready-made for all use cases.

Virtual Assistant™

Context aware assistant working on top of the live system, guiding the user.

Effortlessly convert recordings

Converts recordings from previous to newer version with a click of the mouse.

ClickLearn Cloud™

Deliver all your content in the cloud, readily available for your users.

Maintain your corporate identity

ClickLearn lets you fully customize every aspect of your produced work instructions, from video effects to logos, styles and fonts. Using multiple templates, you are able to customize your content to different devices. From IPads to PC’s.






ClickLearn for Developers

Automatically create structured NAV CAL Test page code

Scripts are compiled automatically by ClickLearn based on your single recording source and delivering high-quality services for your VAR- and ISV-businesses at no extra effort.