Build digital adoption into your Microsoft application without writing a single word

Superior and up-to-date e-learning, documentation, and training in just a few clicks for your solution with a minimum of effort?

ISV Challenges

The challenges that ISVs face

As a Microsoft ISV, ClickLearn understands the challenges that other ISVs face.  Scroll down to see if you recognize the three common issues ISVs are facing.

Do you update your training material by hand?

ISV Pricing

We have a tailored package specifically for ISVs. If you're looking for ISV pricing, you can customize your ISV pricing structure here.

How do I stay on top of frequent updates?

Keep your content up to date, always

Imagine if, at the click of a button, you could automatically update all instructions and screenshots so your content was always up to date with every new version of D365.

Watch the video to see how our Replay feature makes this possible.

How do I offer localized training and documentation?

Your solution in any language

If you’re not offering translated content, you’re losing out on potential business. What if you could automatically translate and manage all your language versions without leaving your application?

Watch this short video to see how ClickLearn's multilanguage features and in-app translation services make creating a global product within easy reach. 

How do I test before a rollout?

Test it first!

If you could run through all your new and existing processes to test all scenarios before you deployed, how much time would that save you?

Watch to see how you can use automatic process testing  to thoroughly test your applications before you go live. 

Watch the replay of our latest webinar

WEBINAR: Building a Digital Adoption Practice for Microsoft Dynamics Partners

As Microsoft customers digitally transform their organizations and continue to move applications to the cloud, user adoption has become an enterprise-wide challenge. As partners, how can we make sure these changes are successful?

In this fast-paced thought leadership panel, we look at what makes a digital adoption practice successful and how real-world companies can stay ahead of the digital adoption wave.

ClickLearn Attain Dashboard

What is Clicklearn?

Documentation, training, and digital adoption at the click of a button

When you do a demo and click through your processes, why not record them using ClickLearn? As you click through each step, ClickLearn produces step-by-step instructions, virtual assistance, e-learning, and process videos – truly covering all your documentation and training needs.

With a single click, you can produce a complete learning portal in more than 45 languages.

A preview of a few Microsoft ISVs using ClickLearn today

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