Digital adoption for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement

Embedded in your solution – 7 different formats – Self-service training

Dynamics 365 CE training has never been easier

Succeed with digital adoption with training embedded in your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement application – your users can quickly get up to speed and start leveraging technology wins faster.

Increase adoption of the latest Customer Engagement features

Your salespeople are more engaged, productive, and motivated when they have the training and documentation that they need to quickly become productive in the latest Dynamics 365 CE solution.

Use ClickLearn’s digital adoption solution to record your business-critical sales processes and automatically turn these into a full learning portal in +45 languages.

Customer Engagement

“What would take a typical training resource an entire day now only take us two hours. This allows us to do more, while also creating better training experiences for our users.”

Kylie Kyser, CRM Product Owner & Microsoft MVP, Ascensus


No need to write

Creating content for documentation and training has never been quicker or easier – walk through your business-critical processes in CE and ClickLearn automatically turns this into a full learning portal in +45 languages.


Self-service training

Create a self-service training experience to minimize the need for in-person troubleshooting or service tickets every time there’s a routine question, training need, or new onboarding.

What our customers say

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